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Continuing our curiosity streak, we dive straight into the life of another successful soul and previous BodhiLuxe contributor, Angelique Panagos! Read on to find out what life is like for this London Nutritionist, and how she balances her festive preps alongside her busy schedule…


Growing up in South Africa in a Greek-Italian family meant that most of my social gatherings, and many of my earliest and fondest memories, were centred around food. Big family lunches or dinners almost every sunday, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases, New Year’s – and even the dog’s birthdays – were all centred around food glorious food!

Not always the healthiest, I often struggled to keep my weight in balance; at one stage my eating spiralled out of control, and at another so did my lack of it. I developed an under-active thyroid as well as PCOS.

I wanted to know how to eat so that I could still enjoy food and be the healthiest I’d ever been, and also wanted to help other people to do the same. Thanks to my mother’s lifelong interest in holistic healing, nutrition and generally living a healthy lifestyle, I was supported and encouraged to study nutrition. I’m grateful to have since helped, not only myself, but the people around me to have the best possible relationship with food.

A day in my life…

My morning:

I wake up at 8 am, pop the kettle on for warm water and lemon juice, and then might just panic a tiny little bit about the day ahead, before I start my morning relaxation meditation to raise vibrations and clear my head.


Breakfast is normally at home, usually salmon, spinach and avocado with a homemade seed cracker or another combination of fats, protein and veg. When life gets in the way and I have to have breakfast on the go, it’s usually a nutritious green smoothie or my pink protein smoothie.

After a brisk walk with my sister and Dash, the French bulldog and APN mascot, we work together at home on some emails,
newsletters, blogs, and all the fun stuff you get to see on my website!Angelique-Panagos-Nutrition-Dash-the-dog

I usually get ready to jump on a train and head off to the clinic at around 11 am. On my way, I stop by The Detox Kitchen for some lunch: usually their Green Machine juice (no fruit included) and a king prawn and chickpea salad.

During the day:

I usually arrive at 58 South Molton Street at about 12 pm on my late clinic days. As soon as I walk in the door, and after greeting everyone in sight, I rush to set up my consultation room and eat before I see my first client.

Each day in clinic is usually quite different from the previous. The night before, my PA (who lucky for me is also my sister) and I try to plan the following day. Just as in health, prior planning prevents poor performance, yet as ever you can’t plan everything down to a T.

If needed and should I have the chance, I have a small herbal tea and snack break in-between clients. However, most often I reply to emails that need my attention and have a scan through the day’s correspondence.

On a typical clinic day in the run up to Christmas I usually see up to 8 or 9 clients. I complete their health improvement plans and, if needed, recommend their supplement programme and provide lifestyle advice.

Festive season is always a busy time for me, as I run a lot of workshops. I’ve found that even during the Christmas season people are eager to start a nutrition programme; many to help get them through the festive season without too much unhealthy over-indulgence!

When the clinic day is done or in-between clients at any chance I get – literally any chance! – I indulge in a treatment from one of the other therapists at 58, such as an Azure facial (everyone should have one of these!), or an acupuncture, sophrology or osteopathy session.

If I can’t get myself in for one of the above, I try to squeeze in some Christmas shopping, scouring the stores for natural, environmentally-friendly and healthy gifts. I’m also thinking of sending everyone on my Christmas list a pack of ‘Angelique’s Tummy Tea’ as an extra stocking filler.


In the evening:

As soon as I walk out of number 58, my focus turns to jumping on the train and rushing home to my wonderful hubby. I look forward to feeding the bear and myself and, of course, getting the chance to work on some of my yummy winter warming and festive recipes before they go on my website.

I have been working on a brilliant turkey with all the trimmings, from which I also make a wonderful bone broth that is fantastic for gut healing. I’ve also been devising a recipe for some devilishly delicious, gluten-free and healthier option, mince pies that should be live very soon!

Angelique-Panagos-LunchDinner is usually something relatively quick and easy to prepare, but tasty and nutritious at the same time. A solid favourite in my household is grilled salmon with raw pesto, winter veg and a fresh salad – who said convenience has to be unhealthy?!

After dinner, I usually have a quick scan through the inbox to make sure there is nothing urgent I need to attend to, I then check my diary and have a quick read through my schedule to see what my PA has planned for us for the next day.Angelique-Panagos-Hummus

When all of that is done, hubby and I usually unwind on the sofa with a cup of camomile tea and a cheeky episode of The Big Bang Theory.

My pre-bed ritual involves a relaxing beauty regime, using all natural and paraben-free products to cleanse, exfoliate and tone the face, before hubby comes in. We sing the toothbrush song (don’t ask!), brush our teeth and climb into bed. The lights are usually off by 11 pm.

Thank you Angelique for allowing us this peek into your manic day! Hoping you’ve found lots of healthy eco delights for all the fam this Christmas. Want to learn more about life as a nutritionist, or perhaps you’re intrigued by an aspect of Angelique’s day? Leave your questions and comments below. 

Meanwhile, you can learn lots about Angelique from her blog, including this deeply personal story which takes you from eating disorders and PCOS to life as a London Nutritionist.

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