Fourth In Our Series, Health and Well-Being at Work with Dominique Antiglio

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Our fourth blog in the Health and Wellbeing at Work blog series was with Dominique Antiglio. Dominique is a trained osteopath who has moved into the practice of sophrology.

Sophrology is a blend of Eastern and Western philosophies and practices, which draws upon various relaxation techniques to bring harmony to both the mind and body.

Again like the previous, I ask Dominique the 7 questions featured in this series.

  1. What does Health & Wellbeing mean to you?
  2. What do you think Health & Wellbeing at work consists of?
  3. Why do you think it is important?
  4. Why is it difficult to maintain Health & Wellbeing at work?
  5. How does the treatment you offer contribute to Health & Wellbeing at work?
  6. Why would you recommend what you offer to potential clients?
  7. Does operating at 58 South Molton Street contribute to your Health & Wellbeing?

However, I have been experiencing Sophrology myself for a number of weeks so the input in todays series will be that of my own and Dominique’s.

To Dominique, health & wellbeing means “a state of balance between the mind, body, emotions and soul and it is when all of these are in good harmony with one another, a stage you constantly have to adjust to as I believe that the two go hand-to-hand with awareness.”

Dominique believes that our bodies have needs and she is right. She believes that we have to be able to listen to our body’s needs and have the ability to implement it into our daily life.

In terms of what health & wellbeing consists of at work, Dominique tells me that a lot of it has to do with the teams around you and it is dependent on the social aspect of the team. “If you are in a positive environment that enables you to reach out to other people and experience support, that is the environment you need to be in at work to be healthy.”

“Of course managing our time and expectations are equally as important but you need to be able to let go of work and switch off and relax so our body’s can rehabilitate and put us into a relaxing state of mind”.

If you’re not healthy and maintaining your wellbeing, Dominique believes that life in a sense becomes pointless and the majority of our time in life is spent working.  We need to access the joy of life.

Onto how sophrology can help this:

After a brief introduction to the practice and what it is about we get underway. I had begun explaining to Dominique why I was stressed, anxious and depressed and what I wanted to gain from the practice.

Like every Londoner, I live a busy life, I have no physical time to sit down and relax and recuperate or reflect on how the day has been and gone and I often find it difficult to organize my thoughts and emotions.

After a combination of breathing exercises, visualization and gentle bodywork, I had let go of my tension, anxiety and thoughts and slipped quietly away to my favourite place with open arms, a view of every skyscraper in London looking down onto the chaotic passers by. Bliss. Every tension I had in my body was let go; the soothing sound of Dominique’s voice and the power of her technique had enabled me for the first time in years, to switch off from everything.

“Sophrology really works with helping people to draw on their inner resources to cope with life” and Dominique is absolutely right. The whole experience allowed me to connect with my body, tell it to let go and harmonise my thoughts and emotions.

From working at 58, Dominique has been able to work with a great team of people that has made a big difference in her daily life. She also feels the harmonization of the building with the Terres Sens concept  has significantly raised the energy level here @58 and it adds to the quality of her work here.

It’s a practise that I would fully recommend everyone to try as we can incorporate it into our daily lives by practising some of the routines at home and in therapy. A session with Dominique is £95 for an hour-long session and can be arranged on

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jennyFourth In Our Series, Health and Well-Being at Work with Dominique Antiglio