Michal to run Half Marathon for National Osteoporosis Society

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Michal is running her first ever half marathon to raise money for the National Osteoporosis Society.

Although Michal regularly works out with a personal trainer and enjoys a healthy lifestyle, running was not something that she regularly included in her fitness regime. When a friend suggested she sign up to do it with her, her initial thought was one echoed by many- can I do it?! When she researched further into the National Osteoporosis Society, she realised what an underestimated cause it is, affecting 1 in 2 females or 1 in 5 males. Never one to pass up an opportunity to encourage more awareness of issues that can affect our wellbeing, Michal has begun her training, and after just two months now runs 7km a day in preparation!

Like many new runners, Michal found her first training sessions challenging but after practising and building up her breathing technique she is now enjoying the process of pushing herself and seeing how quickly she recovers and improves.

Alongside regular training, she is seeing some of the experts at 58 to support her body such as our resident osteopath Amberin Fur once a week to check for damage in her knees and realigning after long workouts. Guru Performance and Angelique Panagos are also on board to help her make the best choices and sustain her body through nutrition and other types of exercise to build strength.

To find out more and to support this very worthy cause please click the link below.

Good luck Michal!


Neon RocksMichal to run Half Marathon for National Osteoporosis Society

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