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Massage Therapy / Women's Healing

Please Note: Bookings Can Only be Made Directly with the Therapist


Known as ‘the drum woman’, Melonie is a gifted Women’s Healer, known for her ability to create safe spaces where women can let go and really sink into the body so that it can share its wisdom.

Melonie particularly supports women’s fertility, menstrual, peri-menopausal and menopausal health through womb massage and MCA (menstrual cycle awareness).

She also works with women who feel stuck, lost or stagnant in their lives using womb massage, energy healing and her ‘Deluxe Priestess In The City’ treatment which is exclusive to clients at 58.

Therapy Styles

Womb massage – an external massage of the back and abdomen which focuses on creating a healthy womb and woman. Suitable for all women, which ever stage of life.

My Women’s Healing takes the form of Reiki – a Japanese style of energy healing and Drum Healing – using the drum to create a trance like deep relaxation state where healing can occur.


Therapy Approach

For womb massage, we begin with an in-depth consultation to help me highlight any areas of focus or concern that may be important in your journey. I will then tailor the massage work to your needs – including bodywork, work with pressure points and energy work. You are then provided with aftercare support.

For those coming for healing, you can expect a consultation that supports an understanding of the depth of need before we choose Reiki, Sound Healing, Drum Healing or a combination of modalities.

For the ‘Deluxe Priestess in the City’ treatment there is a consultation before you receive a Priestess blessing, full womb massage and sound healing experience.

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