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Psychotherapy, Coaching, Change Facilitator

                                       Please Note: Bookings can Only be made Directly with the Therapist


Noam’s journey

Noam has been working with emotions and emotional intelligence (EQ) for the past two decades.
Noam’s life began in a kibbutz in Israel, a collective community that was traditionally based on agriculture. Noam felt his unique childhood experience was a utopia in its own way, as a child he had the freedom, the vitamin D on his skin, the community… but it was lacking in other ways too.

Growing in a children’s group structure rather than the traditional family structure had its own challenges, however, he didn’t yet have the resources to deal with these feelings. Instead, Noam would escape into his head and use his imagination to conjure up something different. He grew up with the idea that ‘we are the change we want to make and see’ and we need to take initiative to create our vision. This in part, created the man he is today.

Noam arrives to his work of therapy and coaching from an established business career, ranging from academic to tech and to becoming a VP at MSN. Noam enjoyed his time at Microsoft, and whilst lots of traveling and seeing the world was a bonus, over time he felt increasingly emotionally trapped and restricted. The higher he climbed the ladder, the further he was getting away from his true self. He discovered the concept of emotional agility, and this resonated with him deeply. Eventually, Noam decided to leave Microsoft in pursuit of something more.

Noam felt it was important to reconnect with himself and decided to retrain as a psychotherapist with the Chiron Association for Body Psychotherapy in London. Noam’s desire to support people in both the corporate world and individually in life became full time in 2006. Noam’s training and further studies in coaching deepened and enriched his knowledge of, and expertise in, individuals’ behaviour patterns, limitations and blockages, to support and facilitate a process of growth and development.

Noam’s mission is to help others and in turn, help himself.

Noam consolidated all of his work into one place, that place became 58 Wellbeing at South Molton Street, Mayfair. This being a community of multidisciplinary therapist with the focus and energy surrounding the concept of; ‘360 of Wellbeing’. Noam’s wife Michal decided to leave Microsoft and joined the clinic as CEO, running the business, whilst Noam concentrated on his clinical work.

Fatherhood is hugely important to Noam, he loves the excitement, responsibility and everything that comes along with being a parent. Adopting their son as a baby in 2009, Noam and Michal value time together as a family above all else, with their joint work at 58 Wellbeing helping to establish a way to spend more time together.

Noam’s work is cutting edge, daring and unexpected, but always respectful. He is direct and supportive and will be a catalyst for a welcome change. He works with a relational model of shared responsibility and seeks to create independence and a positive, dynamic mentor relationship with you where you can take the initiative to grow.

“The more we process difficult emotions the more emotional legroom we have.” – Noam Sagi

Therapy Styles

Noam Sagi, works with clients in individual and group settings, to facilitate welcome change and positive growth: 

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Couples
  • Corporate

Through his work, Noam empowers his clients to find new strategies of being that allow them to feel at ease in the world. Where you experience challenges, Noam sees an opportunity for growth and change for the better.

Noam facilitates bespoke and tailored support groups that provide a safe space to share thoughts, feelings and solutions as well as coping strategies with others. Noam currently offers groups tailored for men, women and individuals interested in leadership and personal development.

Specialties: psychotherapy, executive and professional coaching, inspiring growth and development, mental agility in the workplace.


Therapy Approach

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Therapy & Coaching.

Having worked for years in the tech industry (before pivoting to Psychotherapy & Coaching), Noam has a strong background in business and shares a strong sense of professionalism, his work is vigorous, lively and often unexpected.

Noam’s passion is to inspire transformation to enable individuals, groups and couples to grow, develop and find greater freedom and choice in life. (tool box, develop strategies.)

By working with you (but not for you) in a coaching relationship, Noam aims to be a catalyst to help you to create the change in your life that you came in for. He works with a relational model of shared responsibility, and seeks to create independence and a positive, dynamic mentor relationship with you where you can take the initiative to grow.