Audrey Stephenson is a counsellor and psychotherapist based in Mayfair, Central London who can help you see your life differently: life is for thriving.

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Counselling, Psychotherapy, The Alignment Programme



Audrey Stephenson – Counselling, Psychotherapy, The Alignment Programme

Reconnect With Who You Are as an Individual

Whatever the reality of our lives, we get stopped or blocked by things. Whether those blockages are due to past wounds, habits borne of defensive manoeuvres, risk averse behaviours, or simply the felt sense that we are stuck, life is full of challenges.

There might be certain areas of life that we seem able to take on challenges, and other areas where we feel woefully unskilled. Perhaps our work life is soaring, and our personal life is in tatters, or our home life takes up all our time and energy with little room for connection with who we are as individuals. The combinations are vast and endless.

The reality is that to be human, is to feel. And feelings are sometimes overwhelming. Especially when our strong will wants to head in one direction and our out of control feelings seem to drag us down a different road.

Deep, Practical Transformative Therapy

The work I do with clients is therapeutic, deep, practical and transformative. As a therapist I provide a safe space to do depth healing work that may include past traumas, while acknowledging and helping the client to build a solid foundation for the safe keeping and growing of their dreams.

I have found that my clients often have issues present in their current lives that have their roots in earlier times. Recognising that, acknowledging it, and being able to move beyond the pain allows for the natural healing process that we all contain.

While this is happening often new feelings of desire, ideas about ways of being in the world, different work, relationships etc often emerge as a client becomes better acquainted with who they really are.

The work that we will do together is, at its core, life affirming.

See differently: Life is for thriving.

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