Dora is a Holistic Practitioner, trained in various modalities of complementary therapies and healing techniques, to assist people on taking back the control of their emotions, life balance and making the best of their personality traits.

Her passion for assisting people into being the masters of their own lives has driven Dora to a practice that incorporates her skills and intuition, delivering a safe space for individuals to talk about their issues, find more about their own beliefs and take life easier.

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Therapy Styles

Emotional Wellbeing Practice



Therapy Styles – Credentials

  • BFRP Bach Flower Registered Practitioner by The Bach Centre
  • ThetaHealing Certified Practitioner by Burgeon
  • Meditation Certified Tutor by Gateway
    – as well as 2 decades practising and studying different methods from all walks of life.
  • Yin Yoga Certified Teacher by WithYin Yoga
    + Yoga for Stress, Burnout and Chronic Fatigue, CPD by Yoga Campus
  • Deeksha Oneness Blessings Giver initiated by Laila Bhunnoo, London


About Dora de Almeida Prado and her Approach to Emotional Wellbeing

From Social Communications Bachelor – to family business administrator – to burnt-out.

And then to a harmonic, happy lifestyle.

“My own story helped me find my true calling, a career that not only keeps me in balance and fulfilled but also allows me to help others manage stress, anxiety, to overcome self-limiting beliefs and ultimately to find their centre, their peace – and also a lifestyle that resonates with their own truth.”

With more than a decade’s experience working in the corporate environment before making the shift in her lifestyle – and having suffered from burn out herself, Dora knows a thing or two about going through severe stress and finding light at the other side of the tunnel.

“In my own quest to healing, I found transformation with the help of different self-knowledge tools and now I use my studies to bring that to my clients in a holistic approach too. “

Bringing an Integrated Approach to Wellbeing that leads to the highest levels of contentment and health.

“I became a Holistic Therapist because I truly believe that in order to be happy, healthy and content, we must always consider the whole picture: The person in their body, mind and soul, their surroundings, and circumstances in life.”


Just you and me.
You have my undivided attention in a completely confidential environment.

This way we can dig deeper into your specific needs and situation finding the best approach to work on recovering balance.


Group Experiences :  More than just a passive relaxation moment, with a mix of my skills and intuition, on groups experiences I provide a space for inner awareness, powerful insights, deep release of stress, and some exploration of one or more of the techniques I’m trained on, depending on the program. It is always a confidential and safe place.


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