The Dr Saadia Meyer Clinic offers a range of therapies for the management of perimenopause and menopause. As a menopause expert, Dr Meyer has helped thousands of women and her highly skilled team cover every aspect, from your initial consultation, blood tests, scans and diagnosis through to your personalised treatment plan and prescription. You are kept under regular review to monitor the benefit of treatment. The aim is to provide unified care under one specialist.

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Dr.Saadia Meyer is a highly qualified practising clinician and Gynaecologist with over 25 years’ experience, specialising in Women’s Health. She qualified in 1991 and underwent intensive post-graduate surgical training to become a member of The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. In recognition of her ongoing contribution to the field of gynaecology and Women’s Health, she was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College in 2012. She specialises in hormonal matters and post-reproductive health.

Dr. Meyer is a member of Royal College of General Practitioners and remains in active clinical practice. She also holds the Diploma of Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Health as well as being a Menopause Expert for the British Menopause Society.

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Women today will be spending nearly half of their lifetimes on the other side of menopause. Hence, it is important that they are clear about issues that they may be facing or will be facing in the future. They should be able to make an informed choice about options available from which they could benefit in their post-reproductive years.

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