Noam Sagi & Associates are a group of psychologists, psychotherapists & Self Development consultants in Central London, supporting people who want to change their lives for the better.

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Noam Sagi & Associates: Psychologists, Psychotherapists & Self Development Consultants in Central London

Supporting You As You Change and Grow

At some point in our adult life we all need a bit of support, whether to overcome a challenge, understand our mistakes or simply to develop our full potential. We can become stuck in patterns of behaviour and thoughts that are no longer helpful and these patterns can hinder our personal and professional growth.

Noam Sagi & Associates help to create space in your mind for change and growth, enabling you to move beyond past patterns of reacting to and interpreting the world so that you can change the way that you used to react to experiences.

Develop Your Own Solutions So That Change Lasts

At Noam Sagi & Associates our approach is humanistic and relational. This means, among other things, that you are not a “patient” needing a “cure”, but a client who is looking to develop your own strengths and capabilities. To help you do that we offer you tools and insights.

This may involve using models from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Body Centered Psychotherapy, Existential-integrative psychotherapy, Gestalt, psychodynamic or psychoanalytic perspectives, Transactional Analysis or person-centred therapy. You’ll develop your own solutions and resolution, supported by your therapist, which results in lasting change that has come from within you.

Unscripted Interaction Enables Deep Transformation

Noam´s background was in marketing and sales in corporate world, but over a decade ago he retrained as a humanistic psychotherapist and now has more than 10 years experience in the self-development field. He integrates different methods, techniques and life experiences to accompany you on your journey towards well-being. The same is true for his associates, all of whom he carefully chose. They work with no set, rigid method, as it is the unscripted interaction and collaboration between client and therapist/mentor which enables the deepest transformation.

If you are interested then we encourage you to have an initial consultation with Noam who can help you decide whether to start attending regular weekly sessions and suggest who might be best to work with you.

The fees are £135 for an hour long session with Noam. Missed appointments or cancelled sessions within the 48 hours prior to your session are chargeable in full.


Noam Sagi has been my mentor for many years and quite frankly I find him remarkable. His skills are fine tuned, his integrity flawless and his passion for his work is heartfelt. He is totally authentic and his talent unquestioned. I highly recommend him. He is the real thing, simply the best!

AA, Co – host, Kyles Academy, ITV 1. Author, Hypnotherapist. Adv. Dip. Hyp

Noam’s work is crisp, sharp and life changing. With his safe and direct style I developed and grow so that my past will not become my future. I feel free and see more choices around me. I cannot recommend it enough.


I recommend this work to anyone who wants to develop, grow and let go of patterns that hold you back. I didn’t think I needed it and now I cannot imagine my life without investing in this work with Noam. Beautiful.

CC – Investment Banker

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