The Osteopathic Consultancy treats a wide range of conditions from back and neck pain, frozen shoulder & tendonitis to sports injuries and sciatica.

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Osteopathic Consultancy

Amberin Fur is one of the UK´s senior osteopaths: she is on the Faculty at The British School of Osteopathy (BSO), has been on the Medical Team for British Gymnastics for over a decade and was part of the core medical team for the London 2012 Olympics working with international elite athletes from varying sporting events.

She works with a small team of top practitioners at the Osteopathic Consultancy to offer you the same support and help for pain and injury that Olympic athletes receive.

Osteopathic Back Pain Treatment with Spinal Specialist

Osteopaths treat many conditions, but most people think of us as ‘back specialists’. Osteopathic treatment does not only target symptoms, but treats the parts of the body that have caused the symptoms in the first place.

We use a wide range of techniques, including massage, cranial techniques (sometimes referred to as ‘cranial osteopathy’) and joint mobilization and this breadth of approach allows us to focus on your precise needs. Osteopaths treat people of any age from the elderly to the newborn and from pregnant women to athletes.

Osteopathy Works with the Full Range of Structural Problems

Treat a wide range of conditions from back and neck pain, postural problems, frozen shoulder and tendonitis to sports injuries, neurological pain, sciatica and digestive problems.

If you are in pain, or have tried other osteopathy, chiropractic, or physiotherapy clinics, then you are just the type of person we love to help.

My recovery seemed bleak and I have to admit I had lost hope before starting treatment with Amberin. Her time and investment in getting me better was something above what I could have hoped for. I am walking today, and I thank her.


Cranial Osteopathy For Babies, Children and Adults

Cranial osteopathy is often associated with the treatment of babies. However, it treats dysfunction in children and adults alike. This may be caused by labour for a newborn, or a skiing accident in adulthood. The result still remains: an area of pain and a dysfunction in our biomechanical structure.

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