Pulse Laser Clinic offers pain-free laser hair removal treatments and skin tightening using the award winning Soprano XLi technology.

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Pulse Laser Clinic

Pulse offers pain-free laser hair removal treatments using the award winning Soprano XLi technology. This revolutionary treatment is designed to treat all skin types from fair to black and delivers visible and fast results more comfortably than any other laser treatment.

Dedicated to client satisfaction and service, Maria and her fully trained team will make sure that your experience at the Clinic is personalised and professional and they are always on hand to provide advice, support and attend to your individual needs, no matter the time or day.


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal with the Soprano XLi Laser

We use the Soprano XLi Laser to safely and gently heat the skin and hair follicles. The energy from the laser heats the hair, right down to the bottom of the root, safely destroying it without damaging surrounding tissue or skin. By heating the hair gradually, combined with its chilled sapphire tip designed to keep the skin cool, the Soprano laser destroys the growing hair follicle in a more gentle way, ensuring maximum patient comfort without the need for skin anaesthetics.

The revolutionary IN-MotionTM technology uses a sweeping technique which ensures that no spot of hair is missed, which can happen with other types of hair removal. On average a course of between six and eight sessions (6 – 8 weeks apart) is needed to remove the hair completely.

Soprano XLi Near-Infrared (NIR) Skin Tightening

At the Pulse Laser Clinic, we also offer the Soprano XLi Near-Infrared (NIR) Skin Tightening – a revolutionary new light based solution to eliminate some of the effects that time can have on your skins appearance, tone and laxity.

NIR technology is a safe infrared light that heats the tissue under the skin’s surface causing collagen fibres to contract and tighten and stimulates the formation of new collagen. This revitalised collagen production causes your skin to naturally rebuild itself – producing a smoother, firmer appearance.

If you are dissatisfied with loose, sagging skin, you are likely a good candidate for this treatment.

Client Testimonials

I went to Pulse Laser for the first time this week. I have done IPL laser before but this was my first experience with the Soprano machine. I was very impressed by the whole experience at Pulse. The Well-Being Centre (where it is located) is gorgeous. It is beautifully clean. There are even fresh apples available on arrival!

Maria (the therapist) was brilliant. She was able to answer all my questions and carried out the treatment with care, precision and efficiency. The soprano is definitely less painful than IPL. It feels a bit like a warming massage. I look forward to my next appointment!


As a man who regularly waxes (back, chest) I sought a permanent solution and was pleasantly surprised to discover that Pulse frequently treats male patients with similar needs. I was amazed at the sophistication of the treatment/ equipment, the ease of the process, and the overall relatively painless procedure. The clinic was superb and the therapist was exceptionally informed and professional. Most noticeably, after a week post treatment, the results are already clearly visible and I look forward to my remaining sessions.


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