STUDIO VIS was founded in north of Italy in 2005 to create a space in which people are taken care holistically. The therapeutic approach takes an individual’s psychological and physiological state into consideration, as well as one’s social and environmental conditions in order to reveal the causes, which are more than often hidden, of one’s illness. With the passing of time, the Studio’s identity evolved as it tried to create a meeting point between conventional techniques of modern medicine and alternative and complementary techniques.

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Therapy Styles

Massage Therapy
is a therapeutic technique which works on the body’s muscles and tissues, mainly to prevent illnesses of the skeletal muscle or to rehabilitate those who have been affected.

Sports Massage
This particular massage is performed on specific areas of the body, during and after physical activities to improve one’s athletic performance abilities.

Craniosacral therapy
is an effective solution to curing back problems, sciatica, postpartum trauma, whiplash, migraines, scoliosis, vertigo and problems with mandibular joints.

Facial Visceral Mobilization
Visceral manipulation can locate visceral tension to help the mobilization and function of the organs.

Kinesiology Tape
This strip of tape mechanically stimulates the metabolism of the body’s cells, activating the body’s natural capacity to heal itself and normalizing neuromuscular proprioception.

Metamorphic Massage

The metamorphic technique is a simple tool which allows us to free ourselves of any limitation so as to get closer to our potential. Basically, it helps us help ourselves. During treatment, the therapist lightly touches the patient’s foot, hand and head. In this way, the patient receives a relaxing space in which to “simply be”.

Breuss Massage

It is a very relaxing treatment, dedicated entirely to the spinal cord. The term derives from its founder Rudolf Breuss, Austrian Naturopath. During the treatment, the patient falls into a deep torpor and in some cases falls asleep and wakes up very relaxed and calm, which is a very important end result in the case of psychosomatic tension.



Dr Claudio Mio

Dr. Mio is a Massage Therapist, specialized in Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger Method) and Somatosensory and Emotional Release at The Upledger Institute in Trieste where he works as a teacher and assistant. He has a diploma specializing in Prevention and Rehabilitation from the Telematic University of San Raffaele in Rome. He is specialized in Facial and Visceral Mobilization and some techniques of Kinesiology, especially Neuro Training of which he is an instructor of Innate Systems and Specific Skills. With a degree in International Political Science from the University of Trieste, he presented and later published his thesis “Pietro Ellero and the death penalty”. He also attained a Masters in International Diplomacy at the University of Padova (Department of International Studies). He serves also in the Italian Army as a Reserve Commissioned Officer.



Dr Enzo Tomeo

Dr. Tomeo is a Massage Therapist, who graduated from the faculty of Medicine with an undergrad degree and then a Master’s in Sports Science. He specialized in the Upledger Method of Craniosacral Therapy and in Somatosensory and Emotional Release at the Upledger Institute in Trieste. During his studies he was an assistant researcher in the Laboratory of Neuroscience of IRCS E. Medea, University of Udine. With a scholarship granted by the Neuroscience Laboratory of Psychology of University of Reading (UK), he published a scientific article on “Mirror Neurons” in the international magazine Cerebral Cortex.

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