The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre is home to one of the most pioneering treatments available in London.
Founded by a prestigious hyperbaric expert and former patient, the clinic administers a highly distinguished hyperbaric therapy service that is entirely centred around patients.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy




 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a state of the art treatment that allows the body to absorb more oxygen than it normally would through regular respiration. Through our hyperbaric chambers we are able to introduce pure oxygen at twice the normal atmospheric pressure, allowing the body to ingest this essential element at 10-15 times more than the normal rate.


Due to the damage of present-day air pollution, oxygen levels in our atmosphere have been facing a slow decline. This alarming trend is one of the many reasons why people are seeking ways to increase their own oxygen intake in a healthy and natural way.

Oxygen is a vital ingredient of life. All of our main bodily functions depend on it. From our body’s most basic of building blocks (water, protein, carbohydrates and fat) to the production of energy, the effects of oxygen are far-reaching.

It also plays a major role in cell growth and regeneration, and acts as a natural antiviral and antibiotic, increasing your body’s ability to heal. Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, brain injuries and strokes can prevent sufficient oxygen from reaching areas that need it most, and as a result, hinders the body’s natural healing process.


At The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre we are happy to accommodate clients in search of more fresh air. HBOT is known to significantly increase the amount of oxygen we would have otherwise received through normal means, invigorating our body’s vital functions.

The treatment can boost your body’s circulation, allowing oxygen to get to parts of your body it might be struggling to reach. This process of oxygenation strengthens your immunity system, providing extra support to your white blood cells as they kill infections within your body.

We make it our mission to ensure every client has a care plan tailored to their individual needs. Your progress with the treatment will be carefully monitored to make sure you’re seeing improvements. 


For more information about HBOT, contact us now on 020 3553 0680 or email us at

You can also book a one-on-one consultation with our hyperbaric expert, Robert Pender, where you can discuss how hyperbaric therapy can help you.

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