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Welcome to 58 South Molton Street

(Each individual therapist takes care of their own client bookings, treatment plans and outcomes.)
Nuutro – Holistic Medicine

Tel: +44 7392227735
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Ahmed – The Aesthetics Doctor by Dr. Ahmed
Tel: +44 7395398112 Email: [email protected]
Dr. Aimee – Facial, aesthetics & skin care
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Lynette Yong – Pure age management
Tel: +44 7866436373 Email: [email protected]
Noam Sagi – EQ Specialist
Email: [email protected]
Medisha Clini -Aesthetics by Dr. Nish
Tel: +44 2045398817 Email: [email protected]
Geraldine Viljoen – Permanent makeup & microblading specialist
Tel: +44 2036648985 / +447875697477 Email: [email protected]
check4cancer1 (1)
Email: [email protected]
Justine Masters
Email: [email protected]
*May Vary Depends On Rooms, Days And Contract Length
Ad-Hoc: Rent a Therapy Room per Hour
*‘ad-hoc’ room booking is based on availability
£36 / Hour
Contract: A Secure Weekly Time Slot
£60 / Week
Contract Per Day: A Weekly, Full Day Time Slot
 From £185 weekday, £120 weekend
  • We are open 7 days a week (including bank holidays) – 364 days a Year

  • Monday-Friday 9am–9:30pm

  • Saturday & Sunday 10am–5pm

Ad Hoc Rooms @ 58 South Molton Street

‘Please Note: Ad-Hoc’ room booking is based on availability

Therapy rooms for hire


58 S Molton St,

London W1K 5SL

Ph: 0207 706 1997

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