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Hannah Brown Nutrition


                                       Please Note: Bookings can Only be made Directly with the Therapist


After 4 years of study, 3 years of lecturing, 15 years of practice in Chicago, New York and London, I’ve personally been able to overcome my seemingly ‘untreatable, lifelong conditions’ and help many clients recover their health too.

I now understand the functioning of our body systems can be negatively affected by a combination of ‘unhealthy’ diet and lifestyle practices, thought patterns, microbes and toxins.

Yet our body is constantly trying to heal, and it has amazing powers of regeneration – we just need to give it the appropriate tools (medicinal foods & supplements) to optimise repair and renewal. In some cases, we also need to remove detrimental factors that are hampering our healing process.

My role as a registered nutritionist is to be your detective and help uncover the aspects of your life that need adjusting – what’s healing and what’s harming you.

If you have any questions, I invite you to book a complimentary 30-minute online health assessment (please view ‘Online Services’ on the bookings page of my website)

If you’re ready to take action straight away, please book an initial consultation via the bookings page on my website.


Therapy Styles

Individualized one-to-one consultations

Oligoscan practitioner (Vitamin & mineral deficiency test and heavy metal toxicity Test)

Blood Type Diet

Metabolic Balance Diet


Therapy Approach

Whilst I specialize in autoimmune conditions digestive disorders and weight regulation, I regularly deal with associated symptoms such as acne, hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, diabetes and neurological symptoms. I also continue to lend support to long-term clients with fertility and pregnancy issues.

I work on a functional medicine-based approach, identifying and addressing the specific underlying root causes unique to each client’s symptoms or condition(s).

I’m able to do this with the aid of a health questionnaire, food diaries, and in-depth discussions during your consultations.

I recommend GP tests and functional diagnostic lab-testing where necessary. I also advocate the use of the Oligsocan Test to detect whether vitamin or mineral deficiencies are playing a large part in a client’s condition(s).

My goal is to arm my clients with knowledge so they can be discerning about their food & lifestyle choices. I recommend delicious, simple recipes to remedy each client’s specific condition. For times when life gets busy, I also guide client’s on how to choose truly healthy ready- meals and snacks.


Therapy rooms for hire


58 S Molton St,

London W1K 5SL

Ph: 0207 706 1997

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